VIP Tickets are the closest seats and a personal meet & greet with Miranda after the show.

it was a cold winters day on december 24 when I was borned. My mom always new I would be a singer because when I was cut out of her stomach i cried. I was homeschooled my whole life and won a lot of tonys for my musicals in my backyard. In 2008 I decided the world should no how famous I am so I put my videos online. Now I tour all over the world performing for my mirfandas. I have millions of views online and have performed in Australia, London, Ireland, Canada, New York City, Hollywood, and of course Pennsilvania. I love my mirfandas!


In order to ensure our ability to bring the best comedians in the country to Columbia, we ask that you respect our two item minimum policy for this all ages show. We have a two-item minimum in the comedy showroom (e.g 1 soda and 1 appetizer). Beverages or food purchased in the bar before or during the show do NOT count toward the two-item minimum. A charge equal to the two least expensive items on the menu will be added to your bill if you are unable to find a combination of two items.

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