Alvin Williams

If you took CNN and mixed it with Looney Tunes, you’ve got an idea of what it’s like to watch Alvin Williams perform. Mixing quick wit with laid-back storytelling, theWindyCitynative is as irreverent as he is insightful. His stick-and-move delivery will take you on a journey from the little things in life that truly matter, to the big issues that shouldn’t matter at all. Whether it’s celebrities, politics,  relationships, sports, family, or random tv commercials, you’re not going to know where the next laugh is coming from…you just know it’s coming. At the age of 27,Alvinis already a well traveled, well seasoned performer with no barrier to his appeal.  Sharing his childhood between Illinois, Tennessee, Colorado, Oregon, Louisiana, and Idaho (yes, Idaho), he learned to rapidly adapt to his ever-changing environment by turning strangers into friends through laughter, a skill that is noticeably on display once he hits the stage.  He has wasted no time making his presence felt around the country, touring nationally with performances in over half the United States (and counting) to his credit.  In 2008 he hosted the inaugural Mile High Comedy Festival inDenver,CO.  Later that year he became the recurring host of the Shades of Black Festival,   a multi-cultural talent showcase that tours college campuses across the nation. In 2009,Alvinbecame a member of the Shades of Laughs Comedy Tour, and was invited to perform at Laugh Your Asheville Off, the nation’s largest comedy festival in the southeasternUnited States. In 2010, he was listed by TV Guide as “one of the nation’s best comedians”. Aside from his live performances,Alvincan also be seen in a variety of national network television appearances, including commercials for Big Brother Big Sister, Columbia Bank, and Powerball MegaMillions. Most recently he has appeared as a guest on the syndicated satellite tv series Crackers Comedy Clips as well as the new tv show Comedy Brew on, and is the first 3-time Featured Comic on the viral video network Comedy Time TV

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