Andy Hendrickson

Bizarre, demented, sarcastic, and completely hilarious are a few words to describe this unique comedian. Andy Hendrickson is a well-rounded talent. His warped sense of the world provides audiences with a clever dialogue that everyone laughs at and never forgets. He explores everyday observations that everyone can relate to and covers outlandish topics that sometimes require the audience to think beyond the norm. His twisted thinking sets audiences up with subtle comedic jabs and knocks them silly with outrageous punches. He’s a favorite on the Bob and Tom Radio show and has made several appearances on NBC’s Night Shift. A regular on the comedy club circuit and on XM Radio’s Comedy Channel, Andy delivers the big laughs and leaves the audience with sides and cheeks hurting.

Andy Hendrickson is a New York City based comedian and writer. In 2007, he was a showcase winner at HBO’s U.S. Comedy Arts Festival inAspenwhere he earned a spot at TBS’ Comedy Festival inLas Vegas. He has performed at well over 100 colleges and is a favorite headliner at comedy clubs across the country. Internationally, Andy has performed at clubs and festivals throughout Canada, England, Holland and Ireland, as well as the Middle East to entertain the troops. He’s had multiple appearances on the nationally syndicated Bob and Tom radio and TV show and his CD, It’s Ready, airs regularly on SiriusXM Radio.

Andy started his comedy career in 1998. He is the youngest of 3 sons in military family that used comedy as a way to keep perspective while moving around the country and making new friends. His family finally settled nearWashington,D.C.where he can trace his wry sense of humor to his East Coast roots. There is no “fluff” in Andy’s act. His material is concise and efficient. He has a sarcastic and conversational style that is engaging and fun to watch. His material is uniquely original and based on real-life experiences and observations. As a comedy veteran of over 10 years, he has the ability to entertain in just about any environment and for any audience.

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