Bill Squire

Bill Squire

In 2004 Bill Squire was just your regular old excommunicated Mormon Missionary trying to find his way through life. He stumbled into a stand-up comedy open mic and years later he now makes almost fifteen thousand dollars a year yelling his jokes to unruly bar customers who have no idea they are at a comedy show.

Bill has been seen on Comedy Central…but not for a long time. He won a contest that led to a clip of his stand up playing for about a minute during a commercial break. He also won a the “Car Crash Comedy Contest” in 2011 on “The Opie and Anthony Show.” He was a regular cast member on the cult favorite YouTube series “Man in the Box,” starring opposite Cleveland Comedy Legend and frequent sperm donor Mike Polk Jr.

Bill has worked with such famous comedians like Daniel Tosh, Dave Coulier, George Wallace, and doubts any of them remember his name.

in 2008 Bill recorded and released his debut album “Sarcasm Bus” independently and has sold around 3,000 copies to drunk people after his shows. In 2011 Bill teamed up with Slow Mutant Productions and filmed his one hour comedy special “Just Say Your Jokes.”

Bill Squire is a comedian, he knew he wanted to be a comedian when, at age 6, he fell out of a plastic swimming pool and broke his arm. It got a huge laugh. Since then Bill has experienced many more injuries both physical and emotional that have made him the comedian he is today. Bill’s comedy routines come from personal experience. His problems with the ladies, his Mormon upbringing, his fights with obesity are all fodder for his hi-jinks. Bill has experienced success thus far in his career. He has several videos on the internet that have over 1 million views and you can follow him and his witty comments on Twitter!

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