Billy D 2013

Billy D. Washington

Billy’s career took off when he began opening for Aretha Franklin concerts accross the nation. He’s been seen on HBO’s Def Comedy Jam, BET’s Comic View, Comedy Central’s Premium Blend, and NBC’s Last Comic Standing.

If you’re thinking you don’t know Billy D. Washington, don’t be too hasty, ladies and gentleman. For one thing, if you happened to be spending some time in Houston several years ago, and happened to stray outside the lines of legal behavior–we’re not saying criminal behavior, necessarily, but something that would typically involve a response by a cop–you might well have encountered Billy, back in the days when he was a Houston policeman. But with any luck, you’ve crossed paths with him at some point after he was one ofHouston’s Finest, and had embarked on a multi-faceted showbiz career. Of course, first and foremost, he’s a top-notch stand-up comedian. But he’s also an enormously talented musician, who often incorporates some deft keyboard playing into his comedy act. In fact, he’s so gifted and dazzling on stage–and this also brings us to another possible place where you might’ve brushed up against Billy. After opening a concert in 2003 for Aretha Franklin, she was so was blown away by Billy she hired him on the spot to open all her shows nationwide for the next 3 years. Heck, you also might know Billy from television–not just the usual stand-up TV fare, but as a host of various program on VH-1.

Billy’s original songs, parodies, poems and comedy routine has been featured on The Bob and Tom show (nationally syndicated), HBO’s Aspen Comedy Festival and Def Comedy Jam, The Montreal Comedy Festival, Comedy Central’s Premium Blend, BET’s ComicView, and most recently the Late, Late Show with Craig Ferguson and Last Comic Standing (2007).




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