Brian E Kiley

BRIAN E. KILEY was born and raised on Long Island in New York.  At an early age he discovered a love for stand-up comedy and his dream of performing was born.  Although life took him in various directions (other than comedy) at first, he kept his passion for laughter in his heart and knew that someday his dream of performing would come true.

When Brian signed up for a comedy writing class with Nashville comic Rik Roberts his comedy career officially began.  Taking the stage for the first time in early 2007, Brian proved that his natural ability for making others laugh would payoff in comedy gold.  His signature comedy bit “Girl Scout Mafia” made him an instant crowd favorite and he was soon performing at various venues in Tennessee, Georgia, Utah and Florida.

Brian E. Kiley brings a light-hearted perspective on everyday life by turning the awkwardness of being over-weight into a comedic insight into life as a fat man in a weight watchers world.  His humor will leave you in stitches and begging for more.  So grab a few friends and come out and enjoy the ride.

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