Conrad Courtney

Conrad Courtney first got on stage about five years ago and has since become a crowd favorite at major comedy clubs nationwide. His unique style, wicked cunning, and crisp delivery set him apart. Growing up as the middle child in a nomadic family of dysfunctional, amateur outlaws, he has developed the ability to make any subject, no matter how asinine, seem hilarious. On stage, Conrad combines his very odd sense of observational humor with a quick wit, outrageous stories, everyday frustrations, and just a touch of outright filth to create a strong act that is sure to hit the bull’s eye with any audience of consenting adults. Conrad performs at major comedy clubs nationwide and has received rave reviews from all of them. In his travels, Conrad has shared the stage with many well-known acts such as: • Ron White • Steven Wright • Tommy Chong • Damon Wayans • Kevin Nealon • Lewis Black • Paul Mooney • And many more . . .

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