Dale Hilton


Dale Hilton, 37 year old comedian in Kansas City, MO. Featured on Q104, KUDL, 99.7 KY radio stations as well as opening acts for artist such as Blues musician Leon Russell at the Madrid in Kansas City, published on Road Trip Volume 94 by Laughing Hyena Records. Also co-founded and works with The WTF? Comedy Show. He has been involved with comedy for approximately 8 years now, and it is his true talent and passion.

The wildman and Midwest Legend himself takes the stage….Dale Hilton. From Laughing Hyena Records, Sturgis Bike Rally and hit TV show Dead Things…just take it from Dale himself.

“Damnit, somebody help me with this crap.

I’m a fat, ugly, broke, Comedian with a s~~tty car & issues with my Mother. Im hung like a donut sprinkle, last as long as a sneeze, & hardly ever shave. Im looking for rich, smoking hot, bi-sexual, nymphos with prescriptions for medical marijuanna & very large TV screens. If this sounds interesting, please get back with me. Thank you.”

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