Eric O`Shea

Withover 3 MILLION hits on YouTube, and WINNINGCAMPUS ACTIVITIES MAGAZINE’S “National Comedy Performer of the Year,” Eric needs your help to try to cope with this crazy thing we call life! 

As a veteran performer of over 1200 colleges and universities, sit back, but buckle yourself in–and let his CLEAN wit and priceless observations take you through your embarrassing childhood and everyday moments that drive you insane!  

WARNING!!!  Thanks to a little A.D.D. and lack of segues, this show gets RANDOMLY WILD!!! From surviving family, to surviving all 24 hours of the day–from original stories to celebrity impressions including FAMILY GUY & ELMO–Eric’s UNIQUE humor, expressions, and high-energy show is unlike anything you’ve ever heard… …including his world-famous “SONGS FOR COMMERCIALS” that caught the eye and got rave reviews from MR. STEVEN SPIELBERG!!!

Eric also just performed his “songs” at the CREATIVE EMMY AWARDS in L.A!!! (and hugged Carol Burnett and Betty White…awww!)

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