Jamie Lissow


Jamie Lissow is a native of Rochester, NY. He graduated from Fredonia State with a degree in Mathematics and Psychology. Jamie then decided to abandon his plan of becoming a lawyer, and enter the world of stand-up comedy. He began turning heads right away.

A few years later, after working many treacherous road gigs and college shows, Jamie was invited to audition for the prestigious Montreal Comedy Festival. The Just For Laugh’s Festival, as it’s sometimes called is a unique chance to showcase in front of everyone in the industry all at once in the drooled, toiled and sought after “New Faces” category, where six minutes could change the direction of your career for better…or for worse. Jamie earned himself a spot in Montreal’s Festival, 2001.

At Montreal, interest in Jamie continued to grow. His appearance at the festival was a huge success, getting him a mention in the “Hollywood Reporter” and the “Variety” magazine the following week.

Since Montreal, Jamie’s career continues to soar. He’s made appearances on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, has a half hour special currently running on Comedy Central, and continues headlining at the nation’s top comedy clubs.  He has made over 50 appearances on Fox News Redeye, and is currently working on a new television show with Rob Schneider. Jamie Lissow has been called, “The best writer since Seinfeld,” and “Adam Sandler without the guitar.”

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