Jason James


Fellow comics have referred to Jason James relationship with comedy as a
suicide pact, “I have never been poorer but never happier!”

At 33 years of age, he started his pursuit of comedy relatively late in life. “In some ways I wish I had started earlier but I have a lot of life experiences that allow me to connect with everyone from college students to mature audiences.”

After five short years, Jason is a regular performer in comedy clubs from Yuk Yuks in Canada, Improvs and Funny Bones across the United States and as far away as London, England. Having started performing stand-up and improvisational comedy in Dallas, TX, Jason moved to New York City and now lives and works in Los Angeles. However, this Minnesota native has not lost his perspective having grown up in a village of 250 people.

“Growing up in Remer just didn’t prepare me for things in life man. like I went off to college and my first roommate was Jewish! I didn’t even know what that meant, I thought he was a wizard.”

Watch for his animated sitcom series; The Ramp. Based upon his real life work experience throwing bags for the airlines, the show is best described as South Park meets the behind the scenes operations of an airport. Having written and acted in several short films, studying improv & sketch, Jason James is well positioned to take on the challenges and opportunities that continue to present themselves.

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