Mark Eddie

He’s a musician/comedian who’s a regular on syndicated radio programs and a five-time “NACA Entertainer of the Year” award nominee.  Legendary DJ Geno Michellini calls him, “a comedic version of Bruce Springsteen who plays a mean guitar and does dead-on singing impressions.”   Robby Krieger of The Doors calls his show “a rock concert with non-stop laughter”.   Meet rock n roll comedian Mark Eddie.

Video@AOL features Mark’s exclusive sessions at L.A.’s Improv.  With a wonderful singing voice, he salutes classic and new artists like Bob Dylan, John Mayer, Van Morrison, Garth Brooks and more.   He cleverly describes the similarities between Heavy Metal and Polka music . . . Neil Diamond as a third-grade teacher . . . and slowing down Dave Mathews on a turntable.  “It’s either brilliant observation or too much time on my hands”, he says.  But as far out as he goes, audiences always find Mark Eddie “irreverently clean”.


Mark auditioned and became “the voice” of Nickelodeon’s popular “Nick at Nite” jingles while performing in bar-bands and attending college in Ohio.  Soon after receiving his degree, Mark was appearing in concert with Jackson Browne, Melissa Etheridge, Bad Company and The Hooters to name a few.  Relentlessly touring with rock bands for over 10 years, Mark inadvertently found that his experience as a musician was the basis for a distinctive comedic point of view.   “One day I went from rock musician to rock comedian”, he says.

Recently, Mark released his third comedy CD entitled,”Comedy That Rocks”.  Also in the works, a one-man play focusing on his personal struggle with “Type 1 Diabetes”.  Diagnosed at age 4 and an active diabetes advocate, Mark jokingly says, “we’ve got to find a cure . . . I don’t wanna be the only guy whose VH-1 “Behind the Music” special ends with a tragic Snickers overdose!”

Billboard, CMJ and CAT magazines have all featured the laid-back, positive minded performer.  He and his wife of 15 years raise their two children, one golden retriever and a pet rat named “Peek-a-boo”.  He admits, “I used to watch MTV’s”Spring Break”, now it’s HGTV’s”Spring Clean-up”!  His life philosophy is summed up in three words,… Peace, Joy, Laughter.  His performances in yet three more, . . . Comedy That Rocks!

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