Sandman Comic Hypnotist

The Sandman, the famous comic hypnotist, is a Vegas favorite that has hypnotized over 10,000 people from coast to coast. From Nashville, TN to stages all over the U.S., he has been dubbed the “Copperfield of Hypnosis”. So fast…you won’t believe it!  So funny…you won’t forget it!! DO’N’T MISS HIS XXX, EROTIC HYPNOTIC, SHOW, LATE SHOW ON SATURDAY!


WOMEN were crying their make-up off and people’s face and sides were aching from uncontrolled laughter as they watched THE SANDMAN get volunteers from the audience on stage and made them do things they couldn’t believe!!! MAYBE YOU OR ONE OF YOUR FRIENDS WILL BE THE NEXT STAR OF THE SHOW! From Nashville,TN to stages throughout the U.S., and with over 30 years of stage performances, THE SANDMAN has been crowned the “Copperfield of Hypnotists”. Not only do the volunteers on stage become the stars of the show, but THE SANDMAN is using the entire audience now as well. He’s got them singing and dancing too!

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