Sean O’Brien

Bored and annoyed with his job at the Cheesecake Factory in 2008, Sean O’Brien decided to test the waters of stand-up comedy at the urging of a customer.

Using his experiences as a bartender and former car salesman (among others) as fodder, Sean began crafting an act that both channeled his personal frustrations with corporate America and expanded to include other annoyances such as social media and celebrity culture. 

In addition to his stand-up, Sean is also the co-host of “Tackling Tough Issues,” a podcast who’s guests have included Norm MacDonald, Anthony Jeslenik and Dave Foley. In 2012, the show won a “Comedy Podcast of the Year” award from St. Louis’ Riverfront Times. 

A native of Rochester, NY, Sean now resides in St. Louis where he is a favorite at The Funny Bone. 

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