Sid Davis

This former airline worker hilariously unloads side-splitting baggage on stage. Sid’s humor is fueled with A.D.D., a wavering ego and a grade school teacher wife who views him as a child left behind.

Sid Davis grew up in a smallSouthwestern Ohiofarming town.  In his youth, he was fascinated with old school television sit-coms like the Beverly Hillbillies and Andy Griffth.  He was also taken in by late night talk shows likeCarsonand the early Letterman.

In 1974 Sid sat in the studio audience at taping of the Johnny Carson Tonight Show at NBC studios.  He was enchanted with the electrical atmosphere in the crowd. He fantasized about someday entertaining and making people bring that much energy to a room.


Early in life, Sid showed prowess in comic timing.  Unfortunately the talent was displayed as a disruption in a classroom.  Modest trouble in school didn’t deter Sid from his other two passions; baseball and golf. His superb hand and eye coordination made him a high average hitter and a top notch golfer. The first time Sid stepped on a golf course to play the game, he won second place in a junior tournament.

“I was able to observe certain activities and knew I could emulate them successfully.” Sid said in a recent interview.  “I felt that if I stayed with something with patience and purpose, I would excel.  I felt that way about comedy; even in school.”

Sid squeaked through Ohio University’s stringent admission requirements of a transcript, a check and a pulse.   He excelled in creative writing and having fun.

Sid’s first job as a small radio station copywriter/ad salesman frustrated him. He left on a mutual compromise with the company.  They said he was fired….he said, “Okay.”

He was free now to pursue the life in entertainment he longed for.

However, when Sid informed his young wife of his unemployment; she informed him of her pregnancy.  Providing for a family put Sid’s dream of performing comedy on the back burner….for over 25 years.


During an insurance sales job that he despised and an airline career that he loved, Sid moved his family toCharlotte,North Carolina.   Sid began flexing his creative skills.

During his long breaks at theCharlotteairport, Sid wrote a script for HBO’s Project Greenlight.  The humorous twisting tale about an airline baggage handler who fights back when his identity is stolen by imposing himself as a connected guy made it into the top 100 stories out of 10,000 submissions. Not bad for a first effort.

Sid later wrote the story in more detailed book form.  The transcript circulated through theCharlotteAirportterminal and was enjoyed so much that investors came forward…resulting in the comedy novel; Space Available.

After joining Toastmasters and quickly winning twoNorth Carolina humorous speaking contests, Sid joined theCharlottecomedy community.  He worked his way into hosting shows in the area while he honed his comic point of view.

Soon, several A-list comics took notice of Sid’s potential and he began opening in A-rooms from coast to coast; sharing his hilarious take on relatable life experiences.  That resulted in headlining gigs and corporate events.  “I love doing it all to anyone with a sense of humor.” Sid professes.  “It doesn’t matter if the audience is wearing  suits or  tie-dye t-shirts; if it’s funny, they have fun.

As award winning author Steven Kunes wrote in a review; “Mr. Davis has the ability to transform everyday events into hilarious comic literature.  He’s the Mark Twain of our time.”


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