Steve Poggi

Steve Poggi is a young, daring, and sometimes naive individual. Since the age of twelve Poggi has overcome life’s obstacles on his own terms.

It was this self-education that turned him into a fast thinking, sharp tongued, urban warrior. Poggi turned life’s hardships into an outrageously hilarious off-beat show. Poking fun at his flawed social habits, dysfunctional family, and a wild drug plagued past.

While his sheepish smile, and rebellious nature, allow him to point out the absurdity of love, politics, and the always evil, upper management. Mixed in with some of Poggi’s strange but true stories of safaris at the local zoo, trapped squirrel’s, and giant bird kidnapping. Once on stage Poggi transforms into a comedy Juggernaut, delivering an extremely potent night of laughter, every time.

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