Tim Harrison

Tim Harrison thinks he is a very funny guy. But when you get right down to it, he is just a guy who happens to be very funny. There is a difference.

There are no silly suits here. No goofy accents or voices either: Tim is like the guys you hang out with at work. Or more likely, after work. The type of guy who makes you laugh uncontrollably about the aspects of everyday life that – once you stop to think about them – are pretty hilarious.

Whether Tim is relating to the trials of being a sports fan or the challenges of raising a family going into the 21st century, he is on familiar terrain. You have been there, but maybe you never stopped to think just how ridiculous life can really be.

More than likely, you have never had someone with the wit of Tim Harrison around to point out how the ordinary events of life can be extraordinarily funny! Tim does this in a way that is so comfortable with his audience that they can’t help but place themselves in his stories because they have been there before. Only now, when they hear Tim, they get to laugh about it.

Audiences have been laughing all across the United States and Canada at the Chicago natives brand of humor which hits home with regular people who normally do not consider themselves funny.

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