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This page is designed to answer some of our most commonly asked questions.  Feel free to contact Deja Vu at (573) 443-3216 with any unanswered questions or concerns.  Above all, THANK YOU for your patronage.

How old do you have to be to get in?  What is your minor policy?
Friday & Saturday Minor Policy
Deja Vu always allows 18+ to attend each and every comedy show.  Upon entrance, our carding doorman will request to hold the minor’s driver license, place a wristband on the minor.  It is essential that the minor keep the wristband on and easily visible throughout the night.   The minor will then receive his/her driver license back upon exiting.  In the event a minor does not follow these guidelines, Deja Vu reserves the right to refuse future admission until the minor turns 21 years of age and/or contact local authorities to press charges for underage drinking in our establishment.

Thursday “College Student Appreciation Night” Minor Policy
On Thursdays,  Deja Vu allows anyone 18+ to attend comedy and stay after the show in the nightclub.  Furthermore, 18+ can attend an office party on Thursday and still receive free admission to the show.  For nightclub only admission on Thursdays, Deja Vu allows 18+ but reserves the right to require a college ID pending crowd size and number of minors already allotted admission.  All minors on Thursday will have both of their hands marked with a large X, while 21+ will receive a wristband.   In the event a minor is caught drinking or washing the “X” off of their hand, Deja Vu reserves the right to refuse future admission until the minor turns 21 years of age and/or contact local authorities to press charges for underage drinking in our establishment.

What is your dress code?
*No headgear allowed except baseball hats worn forward or backward
*No athletic wear of any kind
*No sleeveless shirts (male only), or plain white T-shirts
*No dangling jewelry or chains worn on the outside of clothing
*No baggy or excessively over-sized clothing
*Open-toed Shoes/Sandals worn at own risk
*No offensive clothing or sunglasses worn inside the club

Any patron who alters his/her appearance after entering the club so that he/she is no longer within dress code guidelines will be asked to leave the premises and/or placed on a banned from future entry list.

These are only basic dress code guidelines, and Deja Vu staff/management reserve the right to refuse service for any personal appearance/conduct reason we see detrimental to our club.  Dress code enforced solely at Management’s discretion. No exceptions.

Why is there a $25 charge on my credit/debit card?  Tab Policy.
Anytime a customer opens a tab at Deja Vu, the credit/debit card has a $25 temporary hold placed on the card which insures the card is both valid and has money available to charge when the tab is closed.  This temporary hold may remain on your card for up to 3-5 business days, but will be removed and only the amount truly charged will remain.

If you leave a tab open and forget to claim your credit/debit card, Deja Vu will close the tab at the end of the night and add a 20% tip gratuity to the balance.  Your card will remain in a file box with the receipt for a period of up to 30 days before being shredded.

Deja Vu kindly requests that all tabs be a minimum of $10 or simply use our new 100% accessible ATM now conveniently located next to the photo booth by our box office doors.

Why am I banned from entry into Deja Vu?  Carding Machine Policy.
Deja Vu takes the safety of our customers seriously and wants all of our patrons to know they are guaranteed a fun and secure environment at all times.  Consequently, upon entry to Deja Vu, we now scan your driver license information into a carding machine that can detect fake ID’s, and also keeps the basic information such as name, date of birth, driver license number, and address in a secure database.

In the event a customer is asked to leave or refused service at Deja Vu at anytime, if any member of their party is asked to leave or refused service, or if a customer has a criminal background then he/she may be placed on a permanent banned list.  Any request to be removed from the banned list must be made by calling Deja Vu on Mondays or Wednesdays from 11 a.m. – 5 p.m. and at the sole discretion of Deja Vu management.

Personal information stored in the carding machine database will be solely used for admission purposes and will not be sold or shared at anytime.

Do you offer group discounts or anything special for celebrations?
Yes, please click on the CELEBRATE! link on our home page for great information regarding group discounts, celebrations, VIP room rentals, and more!

Do you book comedians for off premise events?
All the time.  Deja Vu has an extensive database of corporate clean comedians, hypnotists, magicians, ventriloquists, you name it!  We can find the right act for your event for any budget ranging from $500 – $15,000.  Check out our CORPORATE FUNCTIONS link on our home page for even more information or call our business line direct at (573) 442-9956 for more information.

Can I buy a gift certificate to The Vu?
Yes, but right now the only method is to click on any BUY TICKETS symbol to any comedian event.  Then scroll down the page below the terms and conditions of a comedy ticket purchase and click on the BUY A GIFT CERTIFICATE link to proceed.  Gift Certificates can be used for online ticket purchases or brought into the club as well and used for tickets, food, and beverage.